Data Science for Business. MAGoLEGO course.

Spring 2020. Module 4

Department of Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence, School of Computer Science.

Instructors: Prof. Leonid Zhukov, Ilya Makarov, Anvar Kurmukov

Course Outline

  1. Introduction to data science
  2. Exploratory data analysis
  3. Data mining and machine learning
  4. Case studies
    • Sales forecasting
    • Customer churn modeling
    • Customer segmentation
    • Personalization
  5. Creating business impact

Youtube channel with lectures


  1. [10.04.2020] Introduction to data science. [Lecture 1] [Video 1]
    Introduction to data science and its role in industry. Examples of real world use cases.
  2. [17.04.2020] Exploratory data analysis [Lecture 2] [Video 2]
    Data cleaning and preparation. ETL process. Exploratory analysis and visualization.
  3. [24.04.2020] Predictive andalytics and machine learning [Lecture 3] [Video 3]
    Fundamentals on machine lerning, types of ML algorithms, applicability, training and testing, solution quality.
  4. [15.05.2020] Case study 1: Sales forecast [Lecture 4] [Video 4]
    The goal of the case is to predict sales at a retail store. Algorithms: supervised learning - linear and non-linear regression, predicting continuos variable
  5. [29.05.2020] Case study 2: Customer churn modeling [Lecture 5] [Video 5]
    The goal of the case is to predict which customers are going to leave the service within a given time. Algorithms: Supervised learning – logistic regression, decision trees, random forest; predicting a binary outcome
  6. [22.05.2020] Case study 3: Customer segmentation [Lecture 6] [Video 6]
    The goal of the case is to group customers into clusters based on some customer similarity metrics. Algorithms: clustering – k-means, agglomerative, dimensionality reduction - PCA.
  7. [05.06.2020] Case study 4: Personalizaton [Lecture 7] [Video 7]
    The goal of the case is to build a recommender system. Algorithms: association rules and collaborative filtering
  8. [12.06.2020] Creating business impact [Lecture 8] [Video 8]
    Measuring impact on business from analytics. A/B testing.

Labs & Homeworks

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