Leonid Zhukov Леонид Жуков

Information Visualization

The World of Music

David Gleich,  Leonid Zhukov, Matt Rasmussen, Kevin Lang

In this paper we investigate the use of Semidefinite Programming (SDP) optimization for high dimensional data layout and graph visualization. We developed a set of interactive visualization tools and used them on music artist ratings data from Yahoo!. The computed layout preserves a natural grouping of the artists and provides visual assistance for browsing large music collections.

World of Music interactive demo

Paper (InfoVis 2005 poster extended abstract):  The World of Music: SDP layout of high dimensional data

world_of_music1 world_of_music2

PageRank Yahoo! Launch Top 30 - 2005

1. U2
2. ‘R.E.M.'
3. 'Queen'
4. 'Led Zeppelin'
5. 'Red Hot Chili
6. Peppers'
7. 'Eric Clapton'
8. 'Tom Petty'
9. 'The Rolling Stones'
10. 'Nirvana'
11. 'Fleetwood Mac‘
12. ‘CCR’
13. 'The Police'
14. 'Green Day'
15. 'Eagles'
16. 'Aerosmith'
17. 'Stone Temple Pilots'
18. 'Coldplay'
19. 'Pearl Jam‘
20. Pink Floyd
21. 'Sting’
22.‘The Doors'
23. 'Foo Fighters'
24. 'Radiohead'
25. 'Jay-Z'
26. 'The Cure'
27. 'Ludacris'
28. 'DMX'
29. 'Tupac Shakur'
30. ‘Jimi Hendrics

Interpretation: if you browse the Yahoo! Launch data long enough follow recommendation of other users you have the highest probability to end up listening U2