Leonid Zhukov Леонид Жуков

Adaptive meshing

Adaptive Meshing

Collaboration: Prof. Martin Berzins (University of Leads,UK)

The goal of this project is to use SCIRun Visualization and Computational Steering capabilities together with TETRAD - general purpose 3D unstructured tetrahedral mesh h-adaptation software package by W.Spears and M. Berzins.

The sample problem addressed is an inviscid Euler equation of gas jet flow, modeling the shock wave propagation in 3D. This is a very good test problem for mesh adaptation as the shock waves moves through the domain and static mesh would require high resolution throughout.

The initial condition is a Ranki-Hugonoit shock data moving with initial speed of Mach 1.7. The solution is computed with a cell-centered finite volume scheme.

Examples of the mesh at the beginning of adaptation and at the end are shown below. The mesh is being adapted on the front of the shock wave. Adaptation is controlled by the value of the pressure gradient in the nearest elements. The shock wave propagation through the volume is shown using color-map and high-field. One can notice strong numerical diffusion happening on the wave front.

Shock Wave propagation through the 3D volume


SCIRun map used in this computations