Leonid Zhukov Леонид Жуков

DT-MRI Brain: Human Connectome

White Matter Fiber Tracking from Human Brain DT-MRI Data

In this paper we develop a new technique for tracing anatomical white mater fibers from 3D diffusion tensor fields. The technique extracts salient tensor features using a local regularizing technique that allows the algorithm to cross noisy regions and bridge gaps in the data. We applied the method to human brain diffusion tensor DT-MRI data and recovered identifiable anatomical structures that correspond to the white matter brain-fiber pathways. The images in this paper are derived from a dataset having 121 x 88 x 60 resolution

L. Zhukov and A. Barr.
Oriented Tensor Reconstruction: Tracing Neural Pathways from Diffusion Tensor MRI.
IEEE Visualization 2002, Proceedings of Vis 2002, pp 387-394, 2002.

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